Public Works

Protection and prevention are the keys to keeping your water running in cold weather.  With the onset of winter, unpredictable weather can sneak up on you and wreak havoc on unprepared water pipes.  Icy winds and dipping temperature can do a lot of damage to your home by freezing pipes and leaving you without flowing water.

EOC Street Sanding Priority Map

When the snow and ice cover the roads, our crews go out to spread sand for improved traction or plow as needed.  See when your road might get service.

The notification system provides residents with recorded telephone messages, text messages and email alerts.  Sign up today!

Leaves ready for pickup

The Curbside Leaf Program helps reduce flooding caused by leaves clogging storm drains.

Tripping Hazard on Sidewalk

The Sidewalk Repair Assistance Program is a Council Approved initiative to reduce the number of tripping hazards on the city sidewalks by helping property owners with the logistics and the costs of repairing the damages.  Read more...

Don't miss your garbage or recycling day ever again. Keep track of the residential garbage and recycling pick-up schedule with the new Garbage and Recycling Day online and mobile tool.

Street Sweeping Schedule

Our street sweeper rolls through town once a month.  View a map to see when we will be on your street.

The transition to automated meter reading will occur progressively over time as the smart meter communication network is installed across the City.