Special Event Permits

The City of Sherwood values events which bring people together through the celebration of the arts, sports, history, commerce, health and more. As a means of encouraging these gatherings, the City makes its streets and public right-of-way available to civic, private, and community groups to organize and sponsor activities that enhance Sherwood.

When is a Special Event Permit required?

A Special Event Permit is required for events (public or private), entertainment, amusement, or assembly of persons that impact or use the City's public right-of-way (e.g.,  streets, parks, etc.). Most events that exceed 100 participants require a Special Event Permit.  One exception is a neighborhood block party, which instead is authorized by a Sherwood Block Party Street Closure Permit.

For more information regarding the special event permitting process, please contact:

Kelsey Beilstein
Special Events Coordinator
City of Sherwood
(503) 625-4207