Economic Development

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What is Economic Development? What is the City of Sherwood doing to promote responsible economic development in the community? Check out the City's Economic Development Strategy and Vision Statement, and see how Sherwood is working to maintain its first rate quality of life for residents.

Sherwood business owners report that the City’s primary strengths as a place to do business are its location, the growth potential of the area, and the diverse and healthy local economic base. We agree and invite you to learn more about our city. And don't miss the video showcasing Sherwood's vibrant quality of life!

Whether you would like to relocate your business to Sherwood, hope to start a new business, or plan to expand your existing business, the City of Sherwood aims to serve as a resource and a source of support. We hope the Business Resources section of our site connects you with valuable information.

Find important news and information here! Check out Sherwood's monthly newsletter, The Sherwood Archer, learn about Sherwood Chamber of Commerce resources, and get the latest Economic Development press releases and updates.