Curbside Leaf Pick-up Program

Leaves ready for pickup

Beginning on Monday October 31st crews will begin collecting loose leaves. The crews will work within a particular area during a specified week. Please refer to the map supplied below to determine which week the crews will be in your area. Each area will be addressed in November and again in December.

Call Pride Disposal at 503.625.6177 to learn about your options if our pickup schedule does not meet your leaf-fall needs.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that piles of leaves in the street are tempting to young kids to play in and motorists to drive through.  Parents, please inform your children of the dangers of playing in or around roadways at all times and encourage street smarts and safety with your family and neighbors.

Click on the supporting document link below for a downloadable map with the dates we will be in your neighborhood.

If you would like to view an interactive map please click on the web link below.

To experience the full benefit of the program and assist the crews in collecting as many leaves as possible please follow these guidelines:

  • Please have loose leaves at curbside on the first day of your scheduled pick up area.
  • Leaves that have been trampled or crushed by traffic or have been sitting for a long time cannot be sucked-up by the machinery and will be left.
  • Loose leaves, if placed in the street, should be raked into rows instead of a single pile and must be 12” away from the curb to allow for water drainage to the storm drains.
  • Crews will not walk onto private property to retrieve leaves.
  • We ask citizens to not use bags for curbside pick-up.
  • There will be no curbside pickup on Private Streets.
  • To be most efficient we ask citizens not to park vehicles or place refuse/recycling bins on or near leaves at curb.  The equipment is big and bulky and cannot reach tight areas between obstacles.

The City’s Street Sweeper will NOT pick-up piles left behind when he rolls through town at the end of each month.  Please do your best to ensure that the City crews can gather as many leaves as possible prior to his schedule.

If you missed your scheduled pick up dates, or want to dispose of your leaves early, the City will have Central Drop-off at the Public Works Yard 15527 SW Willamette Street (next to the Field House). With a donation of 2 or more cans of non-perishable food for the Helping Hands local food bank you can bring your leaves on Saturday December 3rd from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Interested in an interactive approach?

Click here: Interactive Map

Area map with dates

View a map of the areas and dates that the crews will be picking up leaves to keep them out of the storm drains.

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Perfect windrow
Example of poor execution
Crews in action
Map with dates