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Customers who have cross connections are responsible for preventing contaminants from entering the public water system through their individual plumbing system by installing and maintaining approved backflow prevention assemblies.

Willamette River Fish and You

Sherwood's water rights for the Willamette River require our monitoring of the wild fish habitat, especially during the spawning season, and exercising conservation measures if targets are not met.

Paperless On-Line Bill Pay

Pay your bills and manage your account quickly and easily 24/7 at the City's Online Bill Pay site.  Go Green with paperless options and Autopay.

Tripping Hazard on Sidewalk Sidewalk Repair Assistance Program

The Sidewalk Repair Assistance Program is a Council Approved initiative to reduce the number of tripping hazards on the city sidewalks by helping property owners with the logistics and the costs of repairing the damages.  Read more...