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Join us on Saturday, April 18,  at Cannery Square for the 3rd Annual Trashpalooza! The City of Sherwood's Earth Day Celebration.  Meet at Cannery Square at 10:00am, each group will be given a predetermined area, go out and clean your designated area, then come back to Cannery Square at 11:30am for festivities.  We will have contest (strangest piece of trash, largest piece of trash, etc), prizes and a raffle at the end.

The first people to live in Sherwood were the Tualatin Indians. They roamed the area for many years before the first white men came. The first wagon train arrived in Oregon in 1843, and by 1853, Sherwood was being settled by farmers. They built their houses of the logs taken from the forest which once covered the area. They grew nearly everything they needed. Twice a year they took the three day journey into Portland for staples like salt, sugar and syrup.

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